Avatar biggest Budget Movie ever Made takes us to spectacular World beyond imagination

The maker of titanic james cameron retuns with Avatar.
Avatar a biggest Budget movie over $225 Millions and over four years to complete this.
It's takes us to spectacular world beyond imagination, where a new comer from Earth embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world. The Director ( James Cameron) claims 'Cinema will not be the same any more'. and "Avatar makes Titanic look like a Picnic".

Titanic Vs Avatar
About Budget  Titanic - Over $200 millions, Avatar- Over $230 millions
Time to complete- Titanic - Over Two and a half Years,  Avatar- Over Four Years
Special effects -  Titanic - over 500 sfx shots, Avatar- over 3000 sfx shots
Crew and Cast -Titanic- Main speaking Cast over 100 and over 1000 extras.
Avatar- 37 Cast Members and thousands of digitally created Characters and
approx. 2000 Man and Women worked on the film.

I can't give the movie a rating as I haven't seen the whole thing.
I love James Cameron (The director). I've loved his movies since I saw Terminator and Aliens when I was a kid. The man is a movie god, so when I heard he was finally back at work after taking a 10 year hiatus, my interest was certainly piqued. Then I started hearing word about the work he was doing on Avatar, and that it was going to be in 3-D no less. Words were being thrown around like "brilliant" and "revolutionary", basically what I expected to hear (I mean, if a guy like Cameron takes a decade to make a film, you damn well better hear words like that). But, then I read an early report stating that the effects work and 3-D photography was going to "change cinema forever", that Avatar was going to be a "landmark of film history." I immediately started salivating. Of course, when someone makes such a bold statement as that, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but I was sold- this was gong to be the next big thing.

So You enjoy trailer here...

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