Pari or The Devil is out to play with Anushka Sharma, See how haunting, Clip is here

The teaser for Anushka Sharma's approaching scary movie Pari has blasted the web and it is absolutely not one for the faint-hearted. The one and a half minute lengthy video is full of haunting shots which could possibly maintain you up for nights continuously and soon after viewing it, we certainly need no advising that Pari is not a fairy tale. Directed by Prosit Roy, Pari hits the cinemas on March 2.

Pari or The Devil is out to play with Anushka Sharma

The video clip opens with an eerie shot of Anushka Sharma lost in the tracks of her earphones (not in a good way) while the traditional scary score in the background helps make the surroundings even more spooky. With a throaty voiceover, we then overhear a chat between a man and a woman (the dirty hag from the billboards?) who are talking about a task designated to Sharma, which she is "made for". While the woman seems sure that Sharma will complete the job, the man unbelieves her. We also get a limited mirror view of the pointed out man where he is most likely fixing a bruised eye.

The scene then shifts to Parambrata Chatterjee having a chat with his mother. Anushka has no one to call her own and Chatterjee wants to take her in. A mistake, of course. We also have several shots, some old and some new, of Anushka as a possessed being. The one where only her upside-down head is visible from the window especially stands out. It is minute details like this that have brought up our expectations from Prosit Roy's debut directorial.


The post-credit scene also is worthy of a special reference. The camera looms over a woman's foot whose nails are being actually cut, but this everyday act has been given the most dreadful feel ever with the accentuated music (it literally feels like heads are being torn instead of nails) and that hysterical grin of the bruised Anushka.

Taking into consideration the extensive reception of Hollywood horror movie like IT, Annabelle, The Conjuring and many others in India, it is high time that producers give the audiences a horror production that is not just a cliched tale of haunting 'havelis' and dolls. Pari is Anushka's third home production and not to mention, it is a bold venture on the actor's part. Pari looks like the kind of film that could entirely redefine her image as one of Bollywood's well known ladies.

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